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About Me

My name is Sam Vanderbilt I am 35 year old Forex Day Trader who used to be a fund manager for a major Wall Street Bank. I started day trading 10 years ago after I graduated Princeton with a masters in Economics.
I left the fast paced investment banker world to trade currency when my son, Edward, was born in 2007. Since then I have enjoyed making between $200-$500 daily in both good and bad economies following a very formulaic and simple investing plan.
What I have enjoyed the most is helping other people to learn the ins and out of forex trading. Because of my background and results I have been blessed with the opportunity to present my strategies at several conferences and classes. I have made this website to try and help deliver the same kind of information I do to people that attend these conferences but for less than the 3k-5k price tag often charged.

Me Presenting At Forex Day Trading Conference

Me At A Larger Conference

What I have developed in my FREE Ebook is the accumulation of everything I have learned in the last 10 years and combined with the Free Practice Account I believe its the complete package to get you safely started in the Forex Market.

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Testimonials Of My Free EBook

  • ~ James Millwright (PhD. Economics, UCLA)

    proffessor-of-finance"This has been the best ebook paid or free that I have read on currency trading. Thank you so much for"

  • ~ Tina Marrie (Stay at Home Mom, Casual Trader)

    Tina"The best part about your book is how simple the strategy is to implement. I was able to make trades within the first days following your"

  • ~ James MacDonald (Pro FX Trader, Omaha)

    James"Sam this is a great book you have put together. Now I finally have somewhere to point people when they ask us how do we make all this money trading currency."

  • ~ Tim Holland (Wall Street Banker, Commodities)

    broker"I just downloaded your Free book to get a perspective on trading currencies other than the one that is prevalent on Wall Street. I have to say the way you have simplified this down to an easy to follow plan is"

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