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Many of you who have looked around the internet and or talked to other forex traders probably know, there are a wide array of differing opinions on which broker is the best to trade with, and message boards are full of horror stories about trading with pretty much every forex broker out there. There are several reasons why many traders believe this to be the case, which we will examine in this video below to fully understand the scenario. After we have identified where the source of the confusion lies, we will do a series of videos to help traders develop a fact based checklist, so they can go about determining which broker is right for them through a process which separates fact from fiction.

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Basically, the aim of this article and video presentation is to give readers and new traders the idea why are these things being highlighted. it aims to provide a basic and accurate information which could help newbies out there realize and understand the importance of a forex broker. Lastly for them to learn how to sort through the chaos and confusion on the web to learn what forex brokers are best for individual currency traders.


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