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Currency Trading Basics – Why the US Dollar is Still King?

As a trader, you might be wondering what currency is the strongest. Well, as for this article, there is no doubt that the US dollar is the strongest and the king of the currency world.There are several primary reasons for this which we will cover in today’s lesson, and which are behind the fact that no matter what currency a trader trades, pretty much everyone in the forex market follows the US Dollar.

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More than simple interesting facts, these factors can have huge affects on the value of the US Dollar, and are therefore extremely important to us as traders.

The video pointed out the three main reasons why US dollar is the king of the currency world. I hope that t is clear to every reader of this article what the video is trying to explain. It aims to help individuals who are planning to join Forex and those new in the Forex market to educate them the basics of Forex and make them a better traders.


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