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Debt management(411)

Managing debt means that people need to know what they are spending their money on and which is the best way to pay for the things they need, and the following list will help keep people from falling into unmanageable debt. More information about debt management at

Sometimes, Debt is Good

Not all debt is bad. It is the unsecured debt that tends to have the most negative consequences for people and this includes credit card debt, medical bills and payday loans. Other debt, such as a mortgage or a student loan, is considered good debt. But, people must be advised that they can get into trouble even with good debt if they borrow more than they can afford to pay back.

Save for Large Purchases

When credit cards are used as a means of purchasing inessential things that people cannot afford, they are using their credit cards in an irresponsible manner. If there is an item that people would like to purchase, a better plan than using the credit card is to take the time to save the amount of money it would require to purchase the item. They can use their credit cards for this purpose, but they will be able to pay their bills in full in a couple of months rather than having to let the balances gather interest for several months.

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Keep Track of Monthly Purchases

When people can easily purchase things with their credit cards, they can often lose track of where their money is going. To prevent this from happening, people can write down everything they are buying in a month. All of the items that aren‘t necessities can be struck off the list and the money saved from not buying these things can be used to pay outstanding bills.

Make the Minimum Payments on the Lowest Interest Rate Cards

There is at least one time when it is a good idea to pay the minimum payments on a credit card debt. If one credit card has a lower interest rate than the other credit cards, people can accomplish debt reduction by applying most of their disposable income toward the credit card with the highest interest rate until it has been paid in full. They can tackle the credit card with the second highest interest rate, then the third highest, until all debts have been paid.

Times Not to Make the Minimum Payments

If people cannot follow the above strategy, they will be paying the minimum payments on all of their credit cards and this isn’t a good plan. These people are excellent candidates for debt reduction services to help them pay their debts in less than the two decades it would take without help.

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